3 Mindsets That May Be Holding You Back from Abundance

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3 Mindsets That May Be Holding You Back from Abundance

The law of attraction works if you simply know how to work it. Just ask those who have tapped into the power of such laws how they’ve reaped the benefits and they’ll gladly tell you. Success may not come over night, but success and abundance can come when you implement the law of attraction in your life and change your mindsets.

If you are not experiencing the abundance that you think you should be in life, perhaps you are struggling with negative mindsets that are holding you back.  Sometimes we can get into bad habits when it comes to our thoughts and beliefs and it is necessary on occasion to take a few minutes and gauge what is going on internally.

1. Negative thoughts play a role

Really take some time and evaluate what kind of thoughts are running through your mind when it comes to abundance.  It is all right to get a negative thought once in awhile, but if you are thinking predominantly more negative than positive thoughts, it will hold you back from abundance.

With the law of attraction always at work in the universe, and like attracting like, your negative thoughts will attract negative things, such as lack, want, and need.  It is vital that you get the right kind of thoughts swirling around your head and get positive beliefs ingrained deep within you.  Don’t look at the physical, but believe that abundance is manifesting each and every day.  Believe it. See it. Feel it. Watch it manifest right before your eyes.

2. Fears

A fearful mindset will certainly hold you back from abundance. You may be fearful of success or you may fear failure.  Either way, that fear will send out a lower vibration to the universe and repel abundance from coming your way.

Take a few minutes and write down what you are afraid of.  Do you think you will be criticized?  Do you feel like you are not good enough?  Smart enough? Write down every fear and then think about whether your fears are valid. If the things that you fear really happen, will it really be that bad?  If you are criticized for having abundance, is it really a big deal?  If you fail in your endeavors, is it the end of the world?  No. You can handle criticism and you can learn valuable lessons from failures.

3. Doubt

If you have a mindset plagued with doubt, you will be held back from having abundance.  Doubt means that you really don’t believe that you will experience or get something that you want.  For one reason or another, you feel like you are not worthy, or lack the ability to get your desires.  Doubt has ruined many people’s hopes and dreams and it will certainly hold you back as well if you allow it.

In order to combat doubt, get to the bottom of why you feel it.  Then determine to overcome that doubt. Rise up with courage and face any doubt and fears that you have and declare that you will get your desires.  You will have abundance and live with joy and peace as well.

Do you see yourself harboring any of these mindsets in your life?  Take some time this week to track your thought life. You may not even be aware that such negative thoughts are controlling your subconscious. If you notice a particular type of thought, write it down and start working on changing it to a positive thought. You’d be surprised at just how this simple exercise can help you begin to manifest success and abundance in your life.

You are the creator of your life so draw a line in the sand and line your thoughts up with abundance, joy, peace, and success.  Raise your vibration every day by visualizing all of your desires coming true. See what you want. Feel it as if you already have it in your hands or your life. The days of letting negative mindsets hold you back from abundance are over.

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