Top Manifestation Techniques to Get What You Want

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Top Manifestation Techniques to Get What You Want

We all have goals and aspirations. We are often conditioned to believe that only the lucky see their dreams come true, but manifesting your desires has nothing to do with luck. Positive thought is the most powerful tool you can use to create the life you want. Incorporating manifestation techniques into your daily routine will provide you with magical results.

Spoken word for manifestation
Speech is a powerful tool humans have available. Choosing the correct words with which to express ourselves is fundamental in manifesting desires.

Positive affirmations are a common practice among highly successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods and Jim Carrey. Incorporating affirmations will benefit you mentally and physically. Studies have shown that those who repeat positive phrases have stronger muscles, as well as increased self-esteem, which usually translates into the way one carries himself.

Start off by choosing one affirmation that you feel expresses your wishes the most. Repeat this quote for five minutes as you’re getting ready to start your day. Another alternative is to record yourself and play it back every morning while sitting quietly or even on your way to work. Experiment, as every individual is different, but the concept is the same and will garner you positive results.

Visualization for manifestation
Seeing is believing. When one is young, a lot of time is spent daydreaming. It’s incredible the things that you can see using your imagination, often creating vivid stories that take you far away. Use this tool to see yourself where you want to be. Constantly picturing yourself in the position you desire will give strength to your ideas!

Use different types of visualization exercises to fortify your beliefs. Doing first person visualization is great! It gives you a sense of what you will feel once you’ve reached your goals. But what about seeing yourself from a third person perspective? Multi-perspective visualization will allow you to see yourself from the outside.

A different take would be multi-sensory visualizations. Aside from using sight, also imagine smells and sounds. Include all your senses, if possible, to make the exercise as vivid as possible. The more you can feel the more potent your manifestation will be!

Goal Journal
Whether it’s a book, a chart or a board, write what you want to accomplish. Make sure you are as detailed as possible. Include plans, ideas, positive phrases. Make sure that it is located in a place where you will see it every day. Just the mere sight of it will remind you of your plans and will cause you to open it and either write something new or read a page full of motivational words.

You can take this a step further and create a vision board (dream board) that not only includes words but pictures. So, for example, if you’d like to travel the world, cut out pictures of landmarks you’d like to visit, food you want to try and so forth. Remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing.

Be realistic with yourself and take note of what thought and feelings you need to disassociate with. This will begin the process of manifestation and is essentially the first step to positive thought. Once you’ve begun to practice manifestation exercises, maintain calm. Believe that the universe is working to make your dreams come true at the moment, as there is no need to stress over something that is already in the works.

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