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Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Are you discovering that just about everything you want out of life costs money? ┬áIf so, you might be realizing that wanting money isn’t really so “greedy” and “selfish” after all. You might be realizing that wealth and prosperity are pretty admirable goals to set for yourself.

But this still doesn’t change the fact that MOST people never make enough money to do the things they really want to do.

Well, if you’re not about to see yourself left behind, you’ll be itching to learn this secret of manifesting wealth and prosperity. …

You Don’t Want Money
Think about it: None of us really want money. We want the things that money can buy, so we spend our lives in pursuit of money so that we can buy them … but why?

Did you know that it’s possible to get so focused on making money that you lose sight of the purpose for wanting money in the first place?

Just think about how many people want more money so that they can have financial security and happiness.

They often choose a career path just because it will bring them a bigger paycheck. Too often, they end up spending all their extra money trying to BUY the happiness that they’re not experiencing in their job.

Now believe it or not, this is actually what causes most people to lose their motivation. They hold back from taking actions that would make them more money: starting their own business, investing, launching a new career, etc.

I mean, how much more motivated would you be to make money if you were always thinking about what you wanted to DO with it instead of getting hung up on the money itself?

How much more engaged would your creative imagination (probably your most valuable moneymaking asset) be if you were passionately focused on the reasons why you really wanted to attract more wealth?

Just think about the wealthiest and most successful people in history (or even those alive today). You’ll find that all of them were more focused on following their passions than they were on money.

If you want to attract more wealth into your life, the first thing to ask yourself is this:

What Do You Really Want?
Take a seat right now and write down everything that you want to do or have in your life. Next, put a dollar sign next to each of them.

Don’t make anything “wrong” and don’t let whether you can “afford” it get in the way. Just take the time to really dream without limits and to be honest with yourself about what you really want.

This way you’ll have a concrete goal to shoot for instead of saying: “I want to have the money to travel” or “I want financial security” or “I want a nice house and a nice car.”

Vague generalizations like those are nothing more than wishful thinking, and wishful thinking inspires passivity rather than action.

The more specific your target is, the better your chances are of hitting it. By setting a number for the amount of money that you want, you’ll engage your creative imagination. Your internal sense of motivation will then compel you to take action.

Just remember that, as soon as you know how much money you need to do and have the things that you want, you focus again on what you want.

The more you do this, the greater your desire will grow and the more motivated you’ll be to develop plans of action. This will empower you to attract the wealth and prosperity you need to fulfill those plans.

For a simple, powerful and effective method for attracting the wealth and prosperity you desire, take a few minutes to watch this presentation.

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